We understand that logistics is a people business.

We consider our employees as vital partners and drivers in delivering the efficient service we pride ourselves on.

With the help of our employees, we have defined behaviours that reinforce our values. Our values serve as a cornerstone for our actions and describe how we behave in all our encounters.

Bidvest International Logistics goes all-out to maintain a work environment where every employee can develop competencies consistent with our values and business goals. We prioritise the growth and learning of our employees through a number of learning programmes we offer.

We are also involved in corporate social investment initiatives as an integral part of our value creation process based on partnership and collaboration with relevant beneficiaries.

We believe in sustainable growth and progression, and what can be more sustainable than training and building the career of our employees, providing a platform and opportunity for them to learn, grow and progress.

Partners in Progress.

Our Objectives

We strive to empower businesses with our progressive solutions and new ideas, maximising on sustainable growth, by delivering supply chain solutions that advance the competitive edge of our clients.

Our Culture

Our Company Culture is forward-thinking, informed and resourceful, always looking for innovation that we can implement that will make a big difference for our customers. Our policies and procedures, business principles, and code of conduct and ethics allow us to uphold our professional standards.




  • Professionalism: We respond to business needs in a manner that enhances value and generates significant satisfaction. We apply a positive attitude to our business and strive to be open, friendly, responsive, and rapidly adjust to our customers and stakeholders’ business needs and expectations.
  • Ethics: We create trust and integrity by being honourable and transparent in all our business dealings. We are accountable for our choices and performance. We protect BIL’s reputation with consistency in our words and actions.
  • Innovation: We pursue excellence and embrace change to be ahead of our competitors. We generate and implement creative solutions, motivating our employees to try different and new ways to achieve growth for the benefit of our company, customers and stakeholders.
  • Dedication: We focus on adding value through collaboration, working smart with passion, teamwork and clear communication. We deliver on what we say we will do, on time, in full and with no errors.


Training and development.

The logistics industry is subject to constant change, so our people need to train and develop all the time. As a result we have comprehensive support programmes which provide funding and other resources to ensure that every employee is able to develop to his or her full potential.


As a school leaver, there are a number of opportunities to join Bidvest International Logistics on a fixed period learnership contract, during which you will be enrolled on a course of study leading to the award of a National Qualification in a field related to logistics activities. At the end of the fixed term contract you will have gained both a National Qualification and a minimum of one year’s experience, thus improving your employability potential.

In addition, provided you have proven yourself, you may be invited to extend your studies with a further learnership contract or be offered a permanent position with us, in which case you will be encouraged to pursue further studies through your Individual Development Plan.

Graduate Programme

The objective of the Graduate in Training (GIT) Programme is to:

Provide a platform for GITs to be able to acquire workplace experience and exposure relating to their fields of study, enhancing their employability and career mobility.

Create a talent pipeline of high potential candidates to fulfil leadership positions in the future and to assist with the alleviation of key scarce and critical skills within the organisation. This is a 12 to 18 month programme which affords successful graduates the opportunity to be part of our exciting and dynamic teams across the company.

Training and development